For the best return on investment you need the right property manager


W hen it comes to investing, buying the right property is only the beginning. Pricing, tenant selection and the ongoing management of your property are crucial to getting a great return on your investment. Get it right, and property investing can be a dream, but get it wrong, and it can quickly turn into a nightmare.

You’ve no doubt heard of, or perhaps even experienced property managers who didn’t properly screen tenants, follow up on maintenance requests, perform regular inspections, notify owners of a tenant leaving or refunding the bond before checking the property leaving the owner with the damage bill.

While these unfortunate events do happen to landlords, the good news is that it doesn’t need to happen to you.

As investors ourselves here at Property Pursuit, we know how important the right property manager is to your investment. Having someone proactive and experienced looking after your property, building a trusted relationship with your tenants, keeping you informed and dealing swiftly with any issues that arise is essential, and it can save a lot of time, money and headaches.

Selling your property with Property Pursuit

A unique approach to property management

The truth is as an investor you need more than a property manager; you need an asset manager. Unlike traditional property management that is focused on the care of a single property, asset management is focused on portfolio growth and maximising the returns from your investment properties to achieve your financial goals.

By helping you select the right property in the buying phase, you maximise your potential for capital appreciation. But this is only the start. By finding the right tenant for your property in the managing stage, our property asset managers ensure your investment is generating maximum rental returns.

As part of our asset management, we conduct an Annual Portfolio Review that assesses the performance of your property against your goals, reviews your lending arrangements and provides recommendations for improvements or divestment.

What can you expect from your property manager?

At Property Pursuit we take our role of managing one of your greatest assets seriously. With more than 15 years experience in acquiring and managing property, we know what investors both need and want from their property manager.

As part of our property management we provide:

  • A focus on asset management to maximise your rental income and growth potential as well as minimise risk and liability
  • Detailed tenant screening
  • Regular rent appraisals to ensure the maximum rental return
  • Centralised record keeping and expense management
  • Rent collection and proactive arrears management
  • Detailed entry, routine and vacate inspections with written reports and photos
  • Regular communication and prompt follow up of tenant requests
  • Maintenance management
  • Coordination of quantity surveyors for depreciation schedules, smoke alarm compliance checks and pool safety certificates
  • Renovation advice and management to maximise your rental return
  • Dedicated asset management team who are accountable for your portfolio

The performance of your investment portfolio is crucial

Whether you own one investment property or several. Call us today on 1300 726 604 to make sure you get the maximum return on your investment.