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I nvesting in commercial or residential property in Brisbane is not just a buy-and-forget affair, is it? If you do it like this, you will not realize the true potential of your property and may end up with a financial loss on your hands. Whether as owner-resident or landlord, any property must be managed according to sound principles proven to increase the value of the property over time. Fortunately, we can assist investors with property management in Brisbane.

What Rental Property Management in Brisbane Entails

M anaging an investment property for a monthly rental income and a capital profit requires constant attention to several aspects. Indeed, any neglect will have a negative financial effect. But, we have the skill and knowledge to provide the necessary services to our clients so that their investment properties are well managed and an asset in their portfolio.

  • Tenant screening. The adage that a good tenant is worth their weight in gold still holds true today. It is vitally important that prospective tenants are screened to ensure that only those who contribute positively to your investment property are accepted.
  • Legal compliance requirements. For example, landlords are legally required to install and maintain smoke detectors in their rental properties and must have a pool safety inspection is performed every two years. Yet, these tedious tasks can be undertaken on behalf of the property investor by the management company, and full compliance documentation is provided on time.
  • Depreciation schedules. Detailed depreciation schedules will allow investors to perform income tax deductions and so maximize their rental income on investment properties. The ATO has set specific requirements for these schedules, and only a registered quantity surveyor may compile them. So, to prevent unnecessary penalties, a rental property management company must liaise information between the landlord, the ATO, and the QS.
  • Rental assessment. The rent charged for the occupation of investment property must be market-related to the area and the overall condition of the dwelling. Hence, we can help you decide on a competitive rental price.
  • Maintenance and damage repair. The upkeep of the property is essential for its overall value and rental income. Normal wear and tear are part of ownership, but so also are accidental and malicious damage. A good management company determines the reasons for the expenditure on repairs and employs trusted contractors for the job.

Why Choose Property Pursuit for Property Management Services in Brisbane

We are leaders and innovators among the property management companies in Brisbane. Our clients trust our judgment in choosing the best commercial and residential properties for investment, and they trust our ability to manage those same investments soundly. Put shortly, we walk the entire path with our clients: from the initial investment to the daily management to the ultimate disposal. We offer the following benefits:

  • We have over 18 years of experience in commercial and residential property investment and management in Brisbane. This experience allows us to understand fluctuations in the market that may negatively impact rental income, which can also be an excellent opportunity to expand an investment portfolio.
  • Clients have access to our owner portal on the Internet, where they can peruse detailed information regarding their investment properties any time of the day. This data includes the financial status of the investment, activity reports on maintenance jobs and inspections, photographs, and historical statements and bills.

With that in mind, contact us for a consultation about how we can help you manage your investment property in Brisbane for maximum returns and profit. We also assist homeowners who temporarily relocate but do not wish to sell their family homes.

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