When your identity needs to be hidden to protect your best interests

Anonymous Buyers

T here can be times during the purchase of a property that it’s in your best interests to keep your identity hidden. It could be that you’re purchasing a neighbour, friend or colleague’s house and you don’t want negotiations to impact your ongoing relationship.

Or that you need to protect your safety and privacy and want to avoid the surrounding gossip that real estate can generate. It might even be that your identity would impact price negotiations or prevent the sale altogether.

Regardless of your motivation one fact remains the same – maintaining your anonymity through the property purchasing process can be difficult through unless you have someone experienced who has your best interests at heart.

As experienced Brisbane buyers agents, here at Property Pursuit we have worked with countless buyers over the last 15 years, who have needed to keep their identity hidden, we have created and refined a structured process that assures your anonymity through the property purchase.

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Can your identity effect your property purchase?

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