Buying an Investment Property


Want to Buy a Place? See Why a Buyer’s Agent Is the Best Choice When Buying
Investment Property in Brisbane

I nvesting in property has always been the best strategy for the maximum growth of your financial portfolio. The rental income exceeds the dividends paid from shares held in a public company, and if the property is well maintained, you can sell it for a tidy profit at the end of the investment term. However, buying an investment property that produces actual returns is often not easy. Luckily, we assist potential landlords with acquiring the best commercial and residential properties in Brisbane.

The Benefits of Using an Investment Property Buyer’s Agent

Finding suitable investment properties is a full-time job. Unless you can spend your whole week looking at commercial and residential properties and keeping track of average prices and rent, you will appreciate the benefits of engaging the services of a property buyer’s agent. Here are just three valid reasons:

  • It is estimated that more than 30% of properties in Brisbane are sold through
    agents and then missed by potential investors who only peruse website listings. A buyer’s agent is constantly on the lookout for suitable properties to pass on to their investment clients, even engaging with owners regarding the option of
    selling their house.
  • It takes considerable time to assess the investment reality of commercial and
    residential properties. A rundown house in a good neighborhood might seem
    like an excellent investment due to its low price. However, careful cost analysis is required to determine the true purchasing price after repairs.
  • A good buyer’s agent for an investment property acts on your behalf, using their knowledge of the market and relevant legal requirements to negotiate a fair deal. They also act as a buffer with the seller, thereby maintaining any anonymity required during the purchasing phase, which is often necessary when dealing with indecisive sellers.

What You’ll Get From Property Pursuit

We have been operating as an investment property buyer’s agent in Brisbane since 2003. We know how important it is for investors of all levels and budgets to be confident in their choice of agent, as it can make the difference between profit and loss. We do everything you’d expect of an investment buyer’s agent. Plus, our clients rely on the following benefits when using our services:

  • We always undertake in-depth consultation with all our clients regarding their
    investment requirements, access to capital, and the expected long-term results. This information allows us to only present investments that tick all the boxes to our clients.
  • We have compiled an in-depth assessment strategy of 36 investment
    fundamentals when evaluating a property or development. This review results in us presenting only high-performing properties to our clients as possible
  • We are members of the Property Investment Professionals Association of
    Australia, which is your guarantee of our commitment to providing you with only the best service and top-performing investment properties in Brisbane.

The best place to buy investment property is in Brisbane. It is a growing city with a strong economy and vibrant residential areas. Property Pursuit offers new and established investors a portfolio of solid investment properties. We also provide experienced services in managing rental properties, including depreciation costing, regular inspections, and emergency damage repair assessments.

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