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After Purchasing 600+ Brisbane Properties Worth $433,629,885 We’ve Discovered How To Secure Your Dream Piece Of Real Estate
Under Budget 60 Days Or Less – Guaranteed!

Discover In Just 60-Minutes How Brisbane’s #1 Buyer’s Agency Can Find Your New Dream Home
Or Outstanding Investment Property And Buy It Well Under Budget In Less Than 60 Days (Value $2000)
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Never Miss An Opportunity Even
When You’re Interstate

When you’re interstate it’s impossible to be at all the open houses and keep yourself in the loop.

You could spend months and thousands of dollars flying up every weekend and even then you’d miss out on all the action which happens midweek.

Luckily you can get our expert team of agents to do all the legwork for you instead.

We’ll be your eyes and ears, constantly searching high and low for you – and we’ll be your foot in the door as soon as we hear a whisper of an opportunity.

Rest assured your dream property will never slip away again.

Unrestricted Access To Off-Market Properties Usually Reserved For
Real Estate Insiders

You can search night and day, scour every resource available and call every agent in town and you still won’t find the kinds of magic properties we can locate for you.

You simply don’t have access to what we do. As buyer’s agents and real estate insiders we have connections to off market properties, silent sales and ‘agent only’ properties.

It’s like an underground market reserved only for Australia’s elite club of influential and powerful people and the real estate agents and buyer agents who serve them. As one of our clients you’ll be privy to these exclusive opportunities.

Claim Your Free Consultation + Action Plan

Discover How To Find Your Dream Brisbane Property And
Buy It Under Budget In Just 60-Minutes (Value $2000)

Here’s A Taste of What You’ll
Discover in Your Free Consultation…

  • CAUTION: This Common Advice Could Cost You THOUSANDS
    You’ve probably been given this costly interstate buying advice for years – find out why you must do the complete opposite or risk losing your dream property
  • 3 Simple Ways To Easily Find A Brilliant Brisbane Investment
    You’ll be able to quickly find an incredible investment property and secure it well under your budget when you use these easy and effective strategies
  • Brisbane Suburbs Which Are An Investors Worst Nightmare
    Every city has areas which are undesirable and have a terrible reputation amongst the locals – find out what they are so you can avoid them at all costs!
  • Our Highly-Coveted & Exclusive ‘Black Book Of Prestige Property’
    This little black book of secret luxury home listings is only available to our top level clients – we’ll give you a sneak-peak if you can keep it hush-hush!
  • Where To Find Off-Market Listings Only For Real Estate Insiders
    These incredible listings and silent sales are only available to an exclusive group of high-profile people and property insiders, which now includes YOU!
Claim Your Free Consultation + Action Plan

Discover How To Find Your Dream Brisbane Property And
Buy It Under Budget In Just 60-Minutes (Value $2000)

This Could Be Your New Dream Home...

Our ‘Rolls Royce’ Interstate Buyer’s Agency Takes 
Care Of The Whole Process From Start To Finish

Our interstate clients expect only the best and this is exactly what you receive.

Over 15 years we’ve put together a professional team of the best buyer’s agents, and a network of real estate agents, mortgage brokers and support services.

We take care of the entire process – we scour the markets tirelessly and use every resource available until we find your perfect match.

Then we secure your property at a great price; coordinate with your financier and lawyer, ensure everything is Queensland compliant, arrange inspections and trade-work; and all you need to do is sign the dotted line.

When You Reserve Your Free Consultation
You’ll Receive Exclusive Information Like…

The Little Secrets Real Estate
Agents Won’t Tell You

Real Estate agents talk a good game but they lack the ability in two key areas – and they’ll do ANYTHING to stop it from getting out!

The Costly Mistakes People Make
When Investing In Brisbane

The rewards can be exceptional, however people don’t realise there are many expensive pitfalls to watch out for when investing in Queensland’s capital city

The Cold Hard TRUTH About
The Brisbane Property Market

Most people will never find the investment property they’re looking for within 
their budget – find out the simple reason why and how you can be different!

The 10 Absolutely Crucial Buying
Phases Of A Property Purchase

We’ve spent the last decade and a half breaking down an effective real estate purchase and these 10 buying phases are critical to your ongoing success

How To Spot Brisbane Real Estate
With Huge Growth Potential

When you apply our value checklist to the properties you look at you’ll easily be able to tell if there is potential for massive capital growth in the future

Claim Your Free Consultation + Action Plan

Discover How To Find Your Dream Brisbane Property And
Buy It Under Budget In Just 60-Minutes (Value $2000)

Your Trusted Adviser Who Ensures You Never 
Overpay Or Miss Out On An Opportunity

When you use Property Pursuit you can be certain we always act in your best interests.

We’ve been awarded Buyer’s Agent and Agency of the Year 4 times in the past 15 years, we’ve won multiple awards for excellence and we’re completely independent from other real estate agencies and lenders.

In fact, the governing body of real estate in Queensland (REIQ) called on us to develop a training program for acting as a Buyer’s Agent.

Why use an agency who imitate what we do when you could go straight to the source and get the best in the business?

Award and Accreditations

We Save You Time,
Money & Stress
At Every Phase

Our entire service is designed to make the home-buying process as painless and convenient as possible.

It takes the average person 200 hours over 4 months to secure their property – that’s $18,471 for a person who earns the average wage.

How much is it worth to you? Don’t waste your most precious resource and give yourself undue stress and worry. Let the professionals take care of it for you – like we’ve done for 600+ premium clients so far.

Purchasing over 600 properties totalling $433,629,885.00 for our clients has taught us how to locate your dream home the fastest way possible.


Properties Bought For Our Clients

Claim Your Free Consultation + Action Plan

Discover How To Find Your Dream Brisbane Property And
Buy It Under Budget In Just 60-Minutes (Value $2000)

Property Pursuit
In The Media

Hear From A Handful Of Our 600+ Happy Clients…

Claim Your Free Consultation + Action Plan

Discover How To Find Your Dream Brisbane Property And
Buy It Under Budget In Just 60-Minutes (Value $2000)


The Unbreakable
Property Pursuit Guarantee

When you use our service you are always covered by our outrageous guarantee system – here’s how it works…

You can sit down with us, use our expert knowledge to narrow down your property search and discover our methods to buying your perfect piece of Brisbane real estate under budget…

And if for some strange reason we don’t serve your dream property to you on a silver platter in the first 60 days – we’ll work for you for FREE until we do. We can’t be fairer than that.

60-Minute Dream Home Consultation + Brisbane Buyer’s Action Plan
(Valued at $2000)

Speak with one of our Brisbane Property Specialists and we’ll take you through:

  • What homes you can get for your budget
  • 3 secret, off the market homes that you could buy that day
  • 7 things no real estate agent will ever reveal EG restumping, bikies, flooding etc
  • How to locate and buy your dream property in under 60 days
  • The best family friendly suburbs in Brisbane
  • 4 negotiation tactics which ALWAYS land you the best price
  • Insider local knowledge with combined 100+ years in the Brisbane market
  • 3 warning signs that the home you will buy will be a lemon - the tell tale signs a house will cost you money the second you purchase it

Plus, we’ll arm you with the ultimate buyer’s guide to finding your perfect property in Brisbane.

Fill in your details below now and one of our professional team members will be in touch to organise your consultation.