Why You Have to Be Cautious When Looking for a Property Buyer’s Agent in Brisbane

Buying homes or multi-family properties is something that many people want to do. However, you don’t want just anyone to help you buy a property, considering that there are many scam artists out there. So, where do you start, and how do you choose the right property buyer’s agent Brisbane? Read on to learn more about how to evaluate prospective property buyer’s agents.

Experience and Credentials

When searching for a property buyer’s agent Brisbane, first evaluate the candidate’s experience and credentials. The buyer’s agent should have at least five years of property experience. It is best if this experience is in the local Brisbane real estate market.

The buyer’s agent should also live in the Brisbane area because nothing beats local knowledge from a local home buyer’s agent. The buyer’s agent must also have a single focus area. If they spread themselves too thin, they could dilute the client’s experience and ability to get the property they want.

Make sure you ask for the buyer’s agent’s credentials too. Find out if they have a full Real Estate Agent’s license and if they’re registered with the Office of Fair Trading Queensland. These qualifications allow them to act on behalf of client during property transactions legally.

Ask About the Agent’s Past Clients and Recent Results

When evaluating a property buyer’s agent Brisbane, the next thing to do is ask them about their past clients and their recent results. By doing this, you will learn about the experiences of previous buyers. The results could include how the agent helped clients save money or how they were able to pinpoint the best property investments for their client.

Also, be wary of buyer’s agents who boast about winning awards. Some awards could be in-house or self-nominated and may not be based on actual client experiences.

Have a Series of Questions Ready for the Agent

When evaluating a property buyer’s agent Brisbane, make sure you prepare a series of questions

to ask in advance. The questions should be centred around what you wish to achieve from the

engagement and what kind of experience you expect.

Find Out How Agent’s Process

Make sure you also find out how the property buyer’s agent Brisbane goes about the process of buying properties. You should know whether they receive financial incentives or kickbacks from builders or developers. Keep in mind that if the buyer’s agent receives an incentive or kickback from the developer or another real estate agent, they may not be working in your best interest.

Since buying properties can be a complex task, a seasoned buyer’s agent should explain to you the process or procedures that they move through. The buyer’s agent you should choose must have a written outline of the entire process. They should also fully explain how they deliver their services to you as a property buyer and client.