Buyers Agent Brisbane | the agent relationship

First of all welcome to our “Boots on the Ground” video series. After 15 years of being a buyers agent in Brisbane we’ve learnt a bit along the way!

We thought other property buyers in the market could benefit from the experience of one of the most respected buyers agents in Brisbane.

We’ll be adding video tips each week from our buyers agents delivered to you while they’re at the coal face.

In this video tip Meighan discusses the importance of a solid relationship with the selling agent and what not to do at inspections.

As a buyers agent in Brisbane we do a LOT of inspections each week gaining invaluable insights into buyer behaviour. The real estate agent is quite often the only conduit between the buyer, or the buyers agent, and the seller.

As a result, it’s this relationship that can be key in a successful negotiation.

After all if you don’t have a good relationship with the selling agent they’re not going to assist you in the negotiation and will quite often impede it.

Lastly, have the agent onside, be honest about your motivations and think win win.

Keep us in mind if you’re ever considering engaging a buyers agent in Brisbane. We’d love to be your eyes and ears on the ground.

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